Video: Meshuggah Post Third Violent Sleep Of Reason Trailer

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Meshuggah, photo by Hillarie Jason


Building anticipation for one of the must have albums of 2016, Meshuggah has released a third trailer for their new album The Violent Sleep of Reason, due for release on October 7th via Nuclear Blast.

You can watch the trailer, focusing on Tomas Haake’s drumming inspiration at this link or below:

Tomas Haake comments,

“We are just trying to write something that’s sounds new to us, fresh to our ears, something we ourselves haven’t heard before. That has been the main drive for each album with Meshuggah. We are trying to come up with new way to sound a little bit different even though we’re still within framework of what we have to be. We are this metal band, we are not going to all of a sudden do clean vocals and play super straight cheesy rock. We have this framework that we want to be in, we probably and hopefully always will be in. So with that said, that’s the limitation of what we’ve been doing so we are just trying to create something new but still within this framework.”

Swedish extreme tech-metal pioneers Meshuggah have a month until the release of their upcoming eighth album, The Violent Sleep Of Reason. The band released the third video where Tomas discusses his drumming inspiration. Check out the video on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel:

Order your copy of the album on iTunes and receive ‘Born In Dissonance’ as an instant grat track:


If you missed the first two trailers, check them out below:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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