Video: Meshuggah Performs Four New Songs Live On Their U.S. Tour


The mighty Meshuggah kicked off their U.S. headlining tour with High On Fire last week, and their set list does not disappoint. We got a lot of the classics we’ve come to expect over the years, but we also get several new songs off of The Violent Sleep Of Reason too. As I said in my 10/10 review of the record, the power of the new music is simply mind blowing, and judging from the clips below, the new stuff sounds even heavier live!

Check out Meshuggah performing ‘Clockworks’, ‘Born in Dissonance’, ‘Stifled’ and ‘Nostrum’ live for the first time ever below, and get your tickets for the remaining dates immediately! You can’t miss this live!


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Meshuggah -The Violent Sleep Of Reason album cover ghostcultmag