Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Discusses His Time At Standing Rock With NBC12 News


Randy Blythe is back from his trip to Standing Rock, and has updated fans on the experience through Instagram posts, and with his powerful first person account on Since his return, The Army Corps of Engineers have stopped work on the Dakota Access Pipeline, but as you’ll see in this new interview with NBC12 News, Randy stays “cautiously optimistic” about the progress.

Enjoy the twenty-minute chat with the Lamb Of God front man below, and for more information on Standing Rock, head to

11.24.2016 "The Message" Turtle Island, Standing Rock, ND. Sometimes THIS works. The Army Corps of Engineers just announced that the Dakota Access Pipeline will not be routed through Standing Rock. We came together peacefully as one people & demanded that our voices be heard, & the world listened to us. But this is not enough- we as a race, the human race, HAVE to start embracing clean alternatives to fossil fuels, if only on a pragmatic level of limited supply- the oil WILL run out one day. We need to figure out how we will deal with this, & we need to figure it out now- the future of our race depends on it. Cheers to all my brothers & sisters who fought the good fight- I was proud to stand with you! One love- Mni Wiconi! #leica #leicacamera #leicacamerausa #leicam #leicammonochrom #leicamtyp246 #leicamonochrom #monochrom #summilux #summilux35mm #leicacraft #madeinwetzlar #?? #MyLeicaJourney #mkexplore #ratseyesphotography

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