Watch Jessica Pimentel Perform With Brujeria

Jessica Pimentel, who stars as ‘Maria Ruiz’ on Orange Is The New Black, just wrapped up her time on the road with Brujeria. She’s shared this statement on the trek, “Surreal… Is an understatement. Trial by fire is also an understatement. As I slowly begin to feel every ache and pain, every bump and bruise come in and the dreaded post tour plague slowly creep over my body. I still can’t believe what we have just done. Last night was the last night of Brujeria’s US tour. To say it’s been an honor to work along side these great musicians and some of my biggest musical influences is not enough. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the opportunity and thankful for everyone’s complete professionalism and trust allowing me to just dive right in, literally and figuratively. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to share these (mis)adventures with. I am also truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support across the US from fans that drove hundreds of miles see us and love from fans across the world welcoming the new Bruja. Finally a big thank you to everyone who moved mountains to make sure my OITNB schedule was clear to do this. It’s a dream come true and this is just the beginning…..Esto es…….Brujeria!

In case you missed her appearance as Bruja Encabronada in your city, we’ve gathered a ton of fan footage from the special tour for your viewing pleasure below!

This is nothing new for Jessica, as she is also the dynamic vocalist for Alekhine’s Gun. Check out footage below, and for more information, head to their Facebook page.