I Am Morbid Performs Their First Show In Russia

Photo by Jessica Chase

David Vincent announced late last year that he would be teaming up with Tim Yeung, Bill Hudson and Ira Black for a new project entitled I Am Morbid, and the band made their live debut in Russia earlier this week. As David said in our recent interview, the band will only be performing songs that David wrote while in Morbid Angel, and as you’ll see in the videos below, he stuck to his word.

Check out the first fan footage of the band right now, and keep your fingers crossed for dates here in the States. Just look at this set list!

Set list: ‘Immortal Rites’, ‘Fall from Grace’, ‘Visions from the Dark Side’, ‘Blessed Are the Sick’, ‘Day of Suffering’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Pain Divine’, ‘Sworn to the Black’, ‘Eyes to See, Ears to Hear’, ‘I Am Morbid’, ‘Maze of Torment’, ‘Dominate’, ‘Where the Slime Live’, ‘Dawn of the Angry’, ‘Blood on My Hands’, ‘God of Emptiness’, ‘World of Shit’ (The Promised Land)