Eluveitie’s New Lineup Performs For The First Time In Switzerland

Eluveitie revealed their new members to the world last week, just in time for the “Eluveitie & Friends VI” shows in Switzerland. Now that the shows are over, we have a recap from the band, as well as the first live footage of the new lineup.

Here’s what the band had to say: “Dear fans & fellow metalheads! It is done! Eluveitie & Friends VI is over, we’ve played the first two shows with our complete new line-up… AND WE HAD THE MOST AMAZING TIME WITH YOU ALL! This weekend simply has been awesome and you all have been an absolutely incredible audience! FROM ALL OUR HEARTS WE WANNA THANK YOU ALL FOR CELEBRATING WITH US, FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE SUPPORT, FOR YOUR LOYALITY AND FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE! Who knows… but we think we have the best fans in the world! We’d also like to thank all of our amazing crew and everybody “behind the scenes” who made our small but fine festival possible! And of course our thanks and cheers also go out to all the great bands that rocked Z7 the last two days – our dear friends from Irij, Final Story, Koenix, GurD +official+, Varg, Saltatio Mortis and Sodom! And now we will seclude ourselves from the world for a while…. and totally focus on finishing our upcoming album: EVOCATION II! But we’ll still keep you up to date, of course! We wish you all a really, really good time! Cheers & sláinte \m/

Check out the first footage of Eluveitie‘s new lineup below!