Video: Disturbed Releases Lyric Video For Open Your Eyes



Disturbed have released a lyric video for their track Open Your Eyes, from last summer’s Immortalized album (Warner Bros.). You can watch the video at this link or below:

Frontman David Draiman commented about the song:

“The lyrical content is pretty self-explanatory. We live in a world where we’re barraged by information, and it’s information that differs — in fact, a friend of mine and I were just having a conversation about this online — depending on who’s presenting it, and the truth is often hidden within a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors and narrative and false flags and things of that nature. So it’s encouraging people to look beyond what’s immediately in front of them, what’s thrust upon them on their screens and to try and find the real truth and the real essence of what they should be doing in their lives, and to wake up.”


Disturbed has an extensive tour schedule coming up for the nextyear, including headline dates, and appearances this fall at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, Sonic Boom Festival, Louder Than Life Festival, Knotfest Mexico, Aftershock Festival, and Knotfest Japan among others.


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