Video: Abbath Plays First Show At Tuska Festival


Former Immortal front man and international black metal icon Abbath (Olve Eikemo) debuted his new band with his namesake, Abbath, this past weekend at the Tuska Festival in Helsinki, FI. Video from their set can be seen at this link and below:

Abbath is joined by King Ov Hell (Tom Cato Visnes from Ov Hell, Gorgoroth, God Seed) on bass, and Baard Kolstad (Borknagar) on drums. The band played a set of mostly covers, all of which Abbath had a hand in writing and a new song ‘Fenrir Hunts’, likely to see release on the new Abbath album due out in 2016 from Season of Mist. The band is already planning a busy 2016 to support the release, and has been named a headliner of the the 2016 Blastfest in Oslo, NO

Abbath’s set list from Tuska Festival

01. Warriors (I cover)
02. Battalions (I cover)
03. Fenrir Hunts (new song)
04. One By One (Immortal cover)
05. Tyrants (Immortal cover)
06. Cursed We Are (I cover)
07. In My Kingdom Cold (Immortal cover)
08. Hordes To War (Immortal cover)
09. Withstand The Fall Of Time (Immortal cover)