Venom To Release A New EP This Year, New Album In 2018

We’ve all been patiently awaiting news on Venom‘s follow up to 2015’s From The Very Depths, and now we know when the new material is coming our way. In an interview with Metal Rules, Cronos gave this update on their new material: “We’ve already put three songs together for the EP, which was only delayed because there is a backload of vinyl now. Everybody is buying fucking vinyl, and it’s really hard to get the pressings. The label was doing one, but we couldn’t get in. So, we kind of just put it back a bit. But the EP will get released this year, and then the album gets released in 2018. So, you’ll hear from the EP the direction, about is pretty much where we are now.

So we are getting a new EP, and a new record from the mighty Venom in the next two years! THIS RULES! For more info, head to Metal Rules right now!