Ulver Has Been Forced to Cancel Their Appearance at Psycho Las Vegas Due to Visa Issues

Sad news as Ulver cannot appear at Psycho Las Vegas this weekend due to visa issues in Oslo, Norway, where the band was due to assemble and fly out of en route to the fest. In a message to fest attendees, the festival issued a notice, echoing the disappointment of the band, who also posted on their social media. Better luck next year!

Getting all your favorite European imports to perform at Psycho Las Vegas is a year-long effort. We strive to bring you rare performances by artists you won’t see anywhere else. That’s why it’s with great disappointment that we must announce that Ulver is unable to perform on Saturday August 20th at Psycho Las Vegas. Visas and travel to the United States were approved but due to unforeseen circumstances with their local embassy, the band is unable to acquire necessary documents for all of its members to complete their travel and therefore won’t be able to perform. Saturday’s Main Stage remains just as eclectic, with plenty of diverse, amazing artists in store for all Psychos.