The Dresden Dolls Announce Special Shows In Washington DC and Boston

Infamous rock legends The Dresden Dolls are reuniting for less than a handful of shows including this Halloween at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and three shows in their hometown of Boston in early November. The Boston shows will celebrate the 14th anniversary of the bands’ debut album, and 40th anniversary of the historic Paradise Rock Club, where the band has performed many times and filmed a DVD in the past. The band have played together on and off for several years after formally reuniting some years back.

The prolific Amanda Palmer released I Can Spin a Rainbowwith Edward Ka-Spel earlier this year and just released Piano Is Evil on her bandcamp page. Brian Viglione has a new band, Scarlet Sails.

Palmer messaged her fans the following:

as you may know, halloween is near and dear to the heart of every little dresden doll.

and this year marks SEVENTEEN years (wtf??) since we met that beautiful & fateful night in 2000 and started our band. it feels unreal.

to celebrate this time around, we are going to play a HALLOWEEN SHOW at the 9:30 club in WASHINGTON, D.C..

that’s right, boys and girls, our nation’s capital, where the current forces of trickery and terror must be battled head-on by the forces of the punk cabaret.

the last time the dresden dolls played the 9:30 club was in 2008, for a Rock the Vote concert during obama’s inauguration.

get up, stand up, GET DRESSED….get fuckin’ ready.


after that we are going to head to our old stomping ground, the PARADISE ROCK CLUB in boston, where we threw our very first record release party (for “the dresden dolls” eponymous CD) in 2003 and where we famously filmed our first DVD after a massive black-out (directed by Michael Pope) in 2005.

this year marks the FORTIETH BIRTHDAY of the paradise (see? we’re not THAT old!!) and they were gracious enough to invite the dolls to play some super-special shows to commemorate the awesome.

these shows will be SWEATY and LOUD, the way we like ’em.

we will be playing old and new material.

we will be sharpening our knives.

we are READY.


the paradise holds less than a thousand people, so tickets for these shows will sell incredibly fast. please be ready to grab tickets the moment they go on sale.

and here’s a word from brian:

“Halloween and the act of transforming yourself outwardly to strut your inner, totem-animal are in the very life blood of The Dresden Dolls. From the very first time we played the Paradise in autumn 2003 for our debut album release, we called on our fans and friends to come dressed to the nines for the occasion, and soon it spread worldwide via our most spunky followers in The Brigade. It’s a perfect time to celebrate the Ruby Red 40th Anniversary of this classic Boston rock venue, and the 14th Band-iversary of the cities stripiest duo.”

Tickets to the Halloween show go on sale to the public tomorrow. The Halloween show poster is by Malleus Lab from Italy. The Boston shows go on sale Friday, 8/18.

October 31 – 9:30 Club – Washington, D.C. – Tickets/Info*– Onsale Aug. 17 @ 10am EST

November 3 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info– Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST

November 4 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info – Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST

November 6 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info – Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST