Torn Between Two Worlds Shares a Video for their Cover of Adelle’s “Hello”

Symphonic metal greats Torn Between Two Worlds featuring Chris Rehn (Takida) andhave released a video for their cover of Adele’s iconic single – “Hello.” The cover is the follow up to their incredible pair of debut singles: “The Beauty of Deception” and “All Eyes on Me.” While familiar because it is a song in the cultural zeitgeist far beyond Pop and Metal, Torn Between Two Worlds takes the track and makes it their own, with Sarah’s fantastic voice and the tasteful track by Chris. Watch the video for “Hello” here:


Sarah Jezebel Deva comments:

“This is a song that Chris and I wished we had originally written ourselves. We think the original song is absolutely brilliant and Chris said he had always wanted to do it. For me, it was a challenge. I wanted to see if I could sing it and do it some justice. When you do a cover, you take a huge chance. You don’t know what path to take, you either do it exactly the same as the original or you make it completely different, I think we got a bit of both in there. And we are really proud of it.”


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