Top Famous Bands Started in the College

Schools and colleges are the places to develop the curricular and extracurricular activities and talents among the students. Some students among many come up with such talents that can attract the whole world. Mostly, the best talents show the sparks from the school days. Some of them are good singers, painters, dancers and some are good players too. On school days, it is very common that there will be groups of people with similar kinds of interests.

They form musical bands, drama groups, and many more so that they can nourish their talents. The school or college authorities sometimes help them out to get good assignments too. Basically, they start off with the school fests or college fests, and then they come under the spotlights. Something similar happened with some of the famous brands that were formed in their high schools and are famous worldwide now.


  • R.E.M

R.E.M is a very famous band throughout the world. This band was formed in 1980 while two of its members were in school. The story can be a real gem topic for any online essay writer.

  • The lead vocalist Michael Stipe and the lead guitarist Peter Buck formed the group at the University of Georgia.
  • Eventually, they became famous and then recorded their first album.
  • They are now the most attractive band throughout the globe.
  • Radiohead

It is a gem in the world of rock bands. The band was first formed as a group of music lovers way back in 1990. The group members were in the All Boys School of Oxfordshire, England. Therefore, they started doing programs with the name of On a Friday. They used to gather on Fridays and Saturdays to play music and practice. Eventually, with this, they came under the spotlight with the help of their current manager and that was the beginning of their fame.

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  • Pink Floyd

From the 60s, there was a change in the regime of music. People were attracted more towards hard rock music. If you want to learn languages through music, there is no other option better than Pink Floyd.

  • They used to write philosophical songs, which are even evident today.
  • Two of the members of this famous band used to study at a college in London, and they formed a group with some of their fellow students.
  • Though most of the members of this group are college dropouts, it never really bothered them to be famous.
  • The Beatles

The founder members John Lennon and Paul McCartney were in their teen ages while they formed this band in the 2nd half of 1950. The first name of this band was The Quarrymen. After 1 year of the formation of this band, Ringo Starr and George Harrison joined the group to complete it.


Thus, if you are not a topper in your class, never get upset. You should find out the proper jargon of your talent and work on it.

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