Tony Iommi Doubts Black Sabbath Will Ever Return

In a new interview with The Mercury News, Tony Iommi was asked about the possibility of another Black Sabbath tour at some point in the future. Iommi said he’d like the band to reunite, but doubts it would ever happen, even if it’s just a one-off or a short tour.

“I wouldn’t think so. But it’s a strange thing with SABBATH — how many times we thought we were with Ozzy [Osbourne], then we had [Ronnie James] Dio, then back to Ozzy, then Dio again, and then Ian Gillan and Tony Martin and Dio and back to Tony Martin. It’s gone backwards and forwards at different stages. So, you just never know.


“I think it’s highly unlikely that we’d get back onstage again,” he said. “It certainly wouldn’t be touring. We’d only do so many shows, if anything.


“I would like to play with the guys again. But I can’t see that happening.


“The reason we stopped touring in the first place was basically my fault, because I had to be careful of my health,” Iommi explained. “When you book a tour — and it’s always an 18-month tour — it doesn’t sound a lot when you talk about it at first. But when you get out there, and you are touring, it’s bloody hard work. And it wasn’t particularly good for my health, because of the blood cancer. So, I said, ‘Look, you know, this should the last tour, I think.’ But I really do miss it. I really miss playing onstage. I miss seeing the audience.”


In February 2017, Sabbath finished “The End” tour in Birmingham, ending their 49-year career. The band continues to celebrate its history with legacy releases and other events.


Tony Iommi on Black Sabbath: ‘I would like to play with the guys again’