Thy Catafalque Streams Entire New Album – “Naiv”

The Hungarian multi-instrumentalist and enigmatic metal legends Thy Catafalque is streaming their entire new album Naiv, out tomorrow (1/24/2020) via Season of Mist. Jam it out right now at the link below.

Mastermind Tamás Kátai comments on the stream: “Our ninth album is being released today. I am supposed to give a statement but all is in the music. I believe I express myself better with sounds than with words so here we are, have a listen.”

Naiv, can be purchased

Thy_Catafalque Naiv track listing:

1. A bolyongás ideje (4:55)

2. Tsitsushka (5:39)

3. Embersólyom (4:17)

4. Számtalan színek (2:34)

5. A valóság kazamatái (5:30)

6. Kék madár (Négy kép) (6:27)

7. Napút (3:48)

8. Vető (8:17)

9. Szélvész (5:36)

Total playing time: 47:03


Tamás Kátai – Guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, programs

Guest musicians

Martina Veronika Horváth (ex-Niburta, SallyAnne, Nulah): Vocals on track 1,3,7,8

Gyula Vasvári (Perihelion): Vocals on track 9

Zoltán Kónya (Gire): Vocals om track 1

Badó Réti (Gire): Fretless bass on track 2

Vajk Kobza: Oud on track 3,5

Gábor Drótos (Gutted): Cello, viola, violin, classical guitar on track 4

Marilú Theologiti: Cello on track 5

Zoltán Pál (Sear Bliss): Trombone on track 2

Péter Jelasity: Saxophone on track 2

Sándor Szabó: Quena flute on track 6

P. W. Hermann: Voice on track 2

Recorded, mixed & mastered: Edinburgh (UK) and Budahpest (HU) 2019

Cover art: Irene Saíz Guerrero

Available formats:

CD digibook

LP in various colours


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