There is Now a Beer Inspired by Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” Album

Sleep may be the band most aligned with Stoner Doom Metal culture and sounds in history, but now there is a beer directly inspired by the band, both in its flavor and distinctive artwork. “Hopsmoker” Beer by Widowmaker Brewing of Braintree, on Massachucets’s south shore, has brewed a batch of Pale Ale with the feel and flavor that fans of the Church of Matt Pike will rip off their sweaty shirts off for and bow down to! The can even features unique Weedians and a logo font on the can resembling the Dopesmoker album logotype! There were selling deluxe packs initially with a 4-pack, rolling paper, and other merch but it sold-out quickly.


The so far limited batch began with 53 cases so get yours while you can if you are in the greater New England region! Widowmaker earns high marks from our local spies and the brand also has a beer called the Ecstasy of Gold, a possible nod to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Ennio Morricone, and Metallica. Special shout out to former Ghost Cult scribe Derek Rix for giving us the scoop! Hail Sleep! Hail Matt Pike! Hail Widowmaker Brewery!