The Weekly Ritual Rock and Metal News Show 7/1/22

Check out our weekly news show! We cover the major stories of the week in heavy music, rock, and metal news, tour dates, and festivals, New Music Friday, and more!

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Hosted, written, and co-produced Chief Keefy ( Co-produced and Edited by Omar Cordy (​​). Theme song by Salted Wounds (​). Fight riff by Fahad Syed (​​).


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Connor Marshal of Conjurer


The Astral Cadence


Tyler Cox of Wrack


On the Podcast:

Jacob of Thornhill


Glacially Musical Pouredcast – chaser episode – Fireball Ministry ‘s early years explored!


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0:00 Intro

0:21 ICYMI

1:19 News – Festivals – Tours – Major News – etc.

05:52 I Shit You Not!

06:05 New Music Friday

09:07 Mailbag – Guerilla Ghost!

10:00 Outro


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