The Uncharted – Perspectives EP

I’m an absolute sucker for any art form which tries to tell a story and has some form of concept to it. I just love to have my nerd string pulled on I find I get way more invested in something if the artist(s) has gone that extra mile in creating something. In line with this come The Uncharted with debut EP Perspectives (self-released) where the story behind this release is that the technicality and progressiveness of the music is paired with an unknown narrator looking for the meaning of life through various ideas and philosophies he encounters.

Opening track and lead-off single ‘Deathdrive’ is a massive statement of intent and all the elements are there from the off, including a huge catchy chorus which had me repeating the song three times before I even got to track two… ‘Catch 22’ continues the stellar start to the EP and even had me thinking of more recent songs by Architects… yes, in places The Uncharted are just that fucking good!

There is way, way more going on here than what, at first, might seem some straightforward Metalcore stylings and the usual breakdowns and what will hit you in the face first is the outstanding production job. It makes everything the band does sound that much more impactful with drifting electronic soundscapes creating a lush and emotional backdrop to the driving, pummeling riffs.

An often maligned aspect to Metalcore is the scream/sing dynamic especially when it concerns two separate vocalists. The Uncharted however don’t suffer the same fate as many bands as Peter Lee and Arron Carter create a seamless blend of melody and aggression. I concentrated a lot on this vocal interchange throughout my multiple listens and they’re as good a duo as you will hear.

The closing one-two combo of ‘Vision’ and ‘Revival’ are simply stunning and easily the standout tracks. The former is a soaring vocal masterpiece a groove-laden, mid-tempo banger that gave me legit goosebumps, at once sounding like Killswitch Engage but also having one foot in modern-day metalcore with its diverse and compelling riffs. I also adore the fucking solo on it.

Closing track ‘Revival’ has more grooves than ‘Saturday Night Fever’ fading in with crunching guitars that make you head bounce like a total idiot. The vocal interplay I spoke of earlier is perfect here, incredible melodies on the chorus once again. Think Northlane meets Heart Of A Coward and you’ll be close but not even scratching the surface.

I can’t tell you how much enjoyed finding a band as good as The Uncharted… you know that feeling when you discover a new band that you know not many people will have heard of yet, and you can’t wait to ram it into people’s ears. Perspectives will be the launching point for a band with real, real potential.