The Native Howl Combines Thrash Metal And Bluegrass In The Best Way Possible

My Facebook timeline has been filled The Native Howl all day long, and now I know why. The four piece from Michigan released their Thrash Grass EP earlier this year, and their ‘Thunderhead’ video is starting to go viral. Why? Because they are mixing thrash metal and bluegrass together, and it fucking rules.

As you can see on their Facebook page, the band’s influences include Metallica, The SteelDrivers, Black Sabbath and The Gasoline Gypsies, and they’ve come up with a sound that incorporates them all. Sure, we’ve seen banjo covers of Cannibal Corpse and Slayer by Rob Scallon, but The Native Howl is taking it to a whole new level. For fans of these two genres, this is a dream come true!

Enjoy the ‘Thunderhead’ video below, and if you dig it, pick up Thrash Grass today!