The Music World Reacts To The Death Of Vinnie Paul Abbott

We are still reeling from the sudden and tragic loss of legendary metal drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera and Hellyeah fame, who died at age 54 last night. Many of Vinnie’s peers took to social media to break the news, share their feelings and reminisce about the man.


GOD BLESS VINNIE PAUL 1964-2O18 – FATHER VINNIE – Your Compassion for Others & Your Love for Seeing Everybody around You Happy I Will never Forget – Your Heart Of Gold Made The World a Better Place – I’m sure ST.DIME is Holding the Door open for You at GODS TAVERN – LOVE YOU MY BROTHER – tBLSt SDMF tVPt

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Remembering our friend Vinnie Paul today. A good man gone way too soon.

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Very sad news this evening. This man always treated me & the guys in my band like family, from the very first time we ever met him with his brother at a Damageplan gig in Texas– whether backstage at a show, on his crazy tour bus, at his club, at his house, he was always a gracious host to us. He just wanted people around him to be happy. I didn’t see Vinnie much the last time we played a gig together because I heard he was in a very foul mood– this was highly unusual for him. Why was he in a foul mood? Because we were playing a big festival in Chicago, he had bought a TON OF FOOD to grill in the parking lot for everyone (as usual), & the fire marshall came and shut him down before he could start the bar-b-que. That’s the type of dude he was– he just wanted to make sure people were having a good time, & he took steps to make that happen. He also did me a very solid favor when I was in some very serious legal trouble a while back by writing a detailed letter to a judge explaining what had happened to his brother & the need for good stage security– that wasn’t an easy thing for him to do, but he did it anyway because he was a true friend and knew I needed some help– I’ll never forget that, & I made sure he knew I appreciated it. He also never minded when I got in his face with my camera– I took this photo with a 50mm fixed lens at a festival we were playing with Hellyeah in Iowa in 2016– that means I was basically inside his drum kit. When he saw me poking my head in there, he just turned, flashed me this grin, & kept on rocking. I love this photo– Big Vin smiling and doing what he did best. Rest In Peace, Vinnie Paul. You’ll be missed. BIG LOVE.

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Goodbye my friend, sad to see you go. @vinniepaul3

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Damn it. I love you brother. RIP Vinnie Paul.

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