The “Monumental” New Judas Priest Album Contains “Some Real Classic Moments”

Rob Halford said back in April that Judas Priest were putting the finishing touches on their new album, and we have two exciting updates on the new material today. During an interview with Serbia’s Hardwired magazine last month, producer Andy Sneap said this, “I think it’s got a really good energy and some real classic moments on there. Rob’s singing great, Richie Faulkner’s on fire on it. We really, really pushed the band to play together in the studio, and we actually took tempos from them playing together rather than the demos. Glenn Tipton originally wanted to work on it like they have done on the last few albums and use the demos as templates and work off that, and I made them actually play as a band. I think we’ve got quite a fresh feel on it and quite an old-school approach at times.

In his recent interview on the “Trunk Nation” show earlier this month, Rob Halford added, “We’re almost done. We’re in that final hurdle before we get to the finishing line. It is sounding monumental. It’s gonna blow your socks off. We’re thrilled. We’ve got this big metal monster looming in the background, about to drop early next year, with a world tour to coincide.