The Inspector Cluzo Signs To Suicidal Records, Gasconha Rocks Out In North America In February

the inspector cluzo

French guitar and drums duo The Inspector Cluzo have signed to Suicidal Records, and their fourth album Gasconha Rocks will be released on February 24, 2015 in North America. Watch the English version of their documentary The 2 Mousquetaires: A fight for Independance 63mn documentary here, and catch up with the massive amount of live footage from their 2014 tour ventures, media interviews, farming documentation and more here.

Gascony-based THE INSPECTOR CLUZO’s fourth full-length studio release, Gasconha Rocks, features ten tracks, all recorded live with no edits in full analog by the band on their 1979 Sony MCI mixing desk at their farm in Mont de Marsan, Gascony and Studio Mountown, and mastered by Mathieu Bameulle & JP Chalbos at La Source. In addition, contributions were made by several of the band’s cohorts, including Hammond Organ by Stephane Kraemer, trumpet by Benoit Molina, tenor sax by Christophe Cambou and baritone sax by Laurentx Etxemendi, and the comic book layout of the packaging drawn by Chris Lin, with photos by Anna Godin and additional artwork and layout by Arnaud Lacoste. Gasconha Rocks will turn fans of everything from the MC5, Grand Funk Railroad, James Brown and more into instant devotees of THE INSPECTOR CLUZO’s modernized and energetic delivery.

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