The Impact Of Rock Music On The Video Game Industry

Though it has come in many forms through the eras, there is one thing we can all agree on about rock music: it’s truly awesome! We all know it and the gaming industry has known it for decades. Rock has found its way into the soundtrack of all sorts of iconic games and there have even been games made that are all about it. Read on to learn more about how the greatest music genre has contributed to many of the greatest video games of all time!

Iconic songs for iconic games

First, let’s take a look at how a brilliantly selected song or two has turned a great game into an unforgettable one. A great example of this is the mad-cap driving simulator Burnout Paradise, in which the sandbox city you drive through was basically inspired by the Guns N Roses song ‘Paradise City’. Another similar example is the Vietnam expansion to Battlefield Bad Company 2, which featured ‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival prominently in the soundtrack. These were great games, but when we reflect on our time playing them there is nothing more memorable than those killer theme tunes!


Rock-themed games

Though perhaps not the most famous game, there can be no doubting the rock theme of Brutal Legend. It was a full-on tribute to heavy metal with Jack Black voicing the main character. The game featured over 100 iconic tracks from the biggest metal bands, with voice cameos from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister and was certainly a huge hit in music news at the time.


Perhaps more famous in the rock industry are games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. These titles put players in the shoes of the most iconic rock bands, playing along to countless songs from kings of rock from every era. Slash from Guns N Roses was a prominent figure, but the popularity of the games is a testament to the gaming world’s love of rock music!


Setting the tone through rock music soundtracks


Aside from games featuring, or based around, the greatness of rock music, there is no escaping the popularity of a rock soundtrack to set the atmosphere in a game. Rock and heavy metal can be used to add to the chaos of an action sequence or to depict the general badass nature of a hero or villain. It can even be used to sum up a broader range of emotions or ground a game/scene in a certain era. Online casinos which often feature table games, bingo games, and scratch card games online, also often have a few slot games which are inspired by rock music and rock bands too.


Two huge FPS franchises that use a lot of rock in the soundtrack are Doom and Quake. The worlds they depict are kind of a metalhead’s dream and the chugs and shreds of distorted guitars add real grit to the worlds and the action that unfolds within them. A more recent title where rock plays an important role is Guardians Of The Galaxy, wherein iconic rock songs from the 1980s remind us of the main protagonist’s close affiliation with that decade.


When rock is used in a game’s soundtrack, it helps foster an instant connection with the player. It also delivers the message that the heroes and/or villains mean business and enhances the experience of any action sequence. It plays a key role in other titles like: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Valfaris, Halo 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Twisted Metal, Splatterhouse and many more iconic titles!


The impact of rock music in gaming


Rock music and gaming have a long history of working together to immerse gamers deeper into the worlds they help depict. Many of us discovered songs and bands through games, and many of us have had unforgettable experiences in games thanks to the killer guitar-based soundtrack. When you need action, thrills or out-of-this-world coolness, no other musical genre hits the spot like rock, and the games industry knows it.