The Dead Milkmen Book West Coast Tour

the dead milkmen

The Dead Milkmen will kick off their first West Coast tour in nearly three years, promoting their Pretty Music For Pretty People, out now via Quid Ergo. Watch the video for “Pretty Music For Pretty People” here.

Formed in the early 80s, shortly after the Earths crust began to cool, The Dead Milkmen first took the underground punk scene by storm with their debut album, Big Lizard in My Backyard, an album described as, the greatest cultural achievement of our time… by the band itself. The following years found the Philadelphia group invading the mainstream with albums like Eat Your Paisley and Beelzebubba, even catching MTVs attention with quirky hits like “Punk Rock Girl” and “Bitchin Camaro.”

Then by 1995, The Dead Milkmen did what any self-respecting band on the rise to fame would do: disband. It wasnt until reuniting to perform at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2008 that The Dead Milkmen gained a second wind, leading to the release of 2011s The King In Yellow. But the creative juices kept flowing (ewwwwww) and lead to the band recording what would become the critically acclaimed, Pretty Music For Pretty People.

Dates for The Dead Milkmens West Coast tour:
Apr 17: Fortune Sound Club – Vancouver, BC
Apr 18: The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
Apr 19: Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
Apr 21: Harlows – Sacramento, CA
Apr 22: Slims – San Francisco, CA
Apr 24: Belly Up – San Diego, CA
Apr 25: Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

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