The Body Books Upcoming Tour With Full Of Hell

the body

Portland, OR based doomsday cult The Body has booked an upcoming tour with Full Of Hell. Stream their music video for “Beyond the Realms of Dream…” from You, Whom I Have Always Hated, here.

An act notorious for constantly touring and recording new material, THE BODY recently unleashed a two separate collaborative recordings with Thou; the first, Released From Love, through Vinyl Rites in April 2014 and the second, You, Whom I Have Always Hated, just this year via Thrill Jockey, also responsible for the band’s 2014-released split with Sandworm and 2013-released I Shall Die Here collaboration with The Haxan Cloak.

THE BODY Tour Dates:
Mar 07: 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA @ Two Piece Fest
Mar 08: All Star Lanes – Los Angeles, CA
Apr 06: Soundpony – Tulsa, OK
Apr 07: JR’s Lightbulb Club – Fayetteville, AR
Apr 08: Melt – St. Louis, MO
Apr 14: Deep Desert – Providence, RI (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 16: Golden Tea House – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 17: Strange Matter – Richmond, VA (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 19: Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 20: Local 662 – St. Petersburg, FL (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 21: Churchill’s – Miami, FL (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 22: The Warehouse – Gainesville, FL (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 23: The End – Nashville, TN (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 24: Sticky Fingerz – Little Rock, AR (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 26: Sisters In Christ – New Orleans, LA (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 27: Mohawk Inside – Austin, TX (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 28: Three Links – Dallas, TX (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 29: Electric Banana – El Paso, TX (w/ Full of Hell)
Apr 30: 52 West – Phoenix, AZ (w/ Full of Hell)
May 01: Complex – Los Angeles, CA (w/ Full of Hell)
May 02: 924 Gilman – Berkeley, CA (w/ Full of Hell)
May 03: Highwater Mark – Portland, OR (w/ Full of Hell)
May 04: Black Lodge – Seattle, WA (w/ Full of Hell)
May 05: Feral House – Boise, ID (w/ Full of Hell)
May 07: Glob – Denver, CO (w/ Full of Hell)
May 08: Ernie November’s – Cheyenne, WY (w/ Full of Hell)
May 10: Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN (w/ Full of Hell)
May 11: Quarters – Milwaukee, WI (w/ Full of Hell)
May 12: The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL (w/ Full of Hell)
May 13: Belvederes – Pittsburgh, PA (w/ Full of Hell)
May 14: Sugar City – Buffalo, NY (w/ Full of Hell)
May 15: The Middle East – Boston, MA (w/ Full of Hell)
May 16: ABC No Rio – New York, NY (w/ Full of Hell (matinee show))
May 16: Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY (w/ Full of Hell)
May 17: Machines With Magnets – Providence, RI (w/ Full of Hell)

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