The Best Metal Bands from New Zealand for Entertainment and Leisure Activities

Entertainment and leisure activities in New Zealand are not truly complete without some metal music. The powerful drumming, aggressive vocals, volume, and intensity characterize metal music can change your dull outing to an electrifying experience. Metal music may have started in the late 1960s and 1970s and was primarily popular in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. However, Metal music has spread far and wide and is currently one of the most commercially successful rock music genres.

In New Zealand, everyone seems interested in metal bands, and you can tell from how well you find them everywhere. Whether it’s in clubs, restaurants, or a leisure gathering, you can be sure to see one metal band or the other.

So, if you are stepping out to have some fun in New Zealand, you should get ready to lose yourself in heavy metal music. While listening to your favorite metal band play, you can stake and win some money on NZ Casino.

A mixture of casino games and metal music is always thrilling. It takes the gaming experience to another level, especially when your strategies are working and you’re recording wins. Metal songs always make great theme songs for casino games. Interestingly, NZ Casino knows the best way to infuse metal music into casino games.

Therefore, if metal music is your thing, you should listen to the very best in New Zealand. Over the years, the challenge for many band lovers has always been how to find the best metal bands. In a place like New Zealand, it is even more challenging because there are several options to choose from. To save you the stress of selecting the best, we have compiled a detailed list of the best metal bands from New Zealand.


If you want to feel that aggressive and electrifying feeling you get from listening to metal music, then this band is what you need. With a track record of extraordinary coordination and excellence, this band stands out from others.

Beastwars is the band you need to listen to if you want to transcend to a different world. It is also recommended for those who want that romantic feeling. With this band, you can purge yourself of those emotions and let it all out. Beastwars is a sludge metal band from New Zealand and one you will enjoy.


Devilskin is a rock and metal band that offers unique sounds and presentations everywhere they go. The enchanting vocal of the Frontwoman, Jennie Skulander, is one the amazing things you would ever hear from a metal band. It ranges from a whisper to a roar, and it’s genuinely magnetic and exciting. Their music is unique, authentic, powerful, and also composed with a lot of passion. Their songs are so compelling and explosive that you would almost lose yourself to the aggressive and melodic tune.


This band is popularly known for producing hyper-emotional death metal. Ulcerate is a unique band and has made the best records you have ever heard. Ulcerate is one brand that stands out from the rest. As a spectator, you will feel the force of their music hit you. More interesting is listening to this band while playing your favorite casino game.

Listening to their music will open your mind to a new understanding of death and tragedy. Their music is truly chaotic, exceptional, and otherworldly. Their vocal sounds, blast beat drums, and guitar sounds always leave spectators asking for more.


Diocletian is one of the best metal bands in New Zealand, and you can’t talk about extreme music without mentioning them. For many years, they have invested in building a team of high-profile vocalists. Their album “Gesundrian” is one of the most outstanding compilations of metal songs in the history of extreme music. If you’re looking for a quality metal band to reminisce on their songs, then Diocletian should be on your list.

Foot Sativa

Foot Sativa is one of the leading bands in New Zealand that brought about the acceptance of metal music to other parts of the world. Their distinguished and melodic sound made them the forerunners in their home city.

They were no longer just a local band but one that had international recognition. They were awarded the gold record status in New Zealand because of their first two albums. Their thunderous guitars, hoarse growls, and explosive drumbeats combine to make their performance an outstanding one.

New Zealand entertainment and leisure activities are often stimulating and thrilling with some metal music, especially when listening to any of the best bands. If you are a lover of metal music, you should check out the metal bands listed above. They are some of the best metal bands in New Zealand and around the world.