Texas Hippie Coalition – High In The Saddle

When you get an album with the band name Texas Hippie Coalition, you have a set of expectations about what it’s going to sound like. A mental image of the music pops into your brain. Texas Hippie Coalition did not disappoint with High In The Saddle (Entertainment One). True to form, it’s Texas-style southern rock with a scruffy “edge” to the lyrics and followable 4/4 beats. If you like listening to Down, Black Label Society, or Southern Train Gypsy, Texas Hippie Coalition is almost but not quite totally unlike that. High In The Saddle straddles the line of rock and roll and country and does so admirably.

‘Dirty Finger’ is your rock anthem to, well, use your imagination. Yup. It’s that. ‘Ride or Die’ is your lighters in the air power ballad. ‘Tongue Like a Devil’ is stripper pole worthy. It has plenty to bump and grind to. ‘Why Aren’t You Listening’ is the stand out track. It has that dark emo vibe that draws you in and evokes maudlin feelings. Everything about this track is sublime; from the deep earthy vocals to the mystical guitars, and the entrapping pacing. I could’ve done well with an album full of tracks like this. ‘Tell It From the Ground’ is a simple straight ahead chunky middle finger. The lyrics leave no room for misinterpretation. “…coz I don’t take no bullshite. I ain’t one to f@#k with. If you’re gonna tell it, tell it from the ground.” In lieu of punching someone in the throat, play ‘Tell It From the Ground’ loudly and proudly. The album ends with the quintessential Duke Boys running from the police, ‘Blue Lights On’.

Texas Hippie Coalition won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, errrrr, beer. Whatever southern country boys drink. But the guitar playing and drumming is super solid. High In The Saddle is perfect for pool halls, biker clubs, strip joints, and anywhere you can find sawdust on the ground. It excels in its simplicity and strait forwardness. There is no pretentious musicality here. High In The Saddle is kick back partying music that is enjoyable.

6 / 10