Tengger Cavalry Premiere New Song – Cursed

Tengger Cavalry will be releasing Die On My Ride on June 2nd via M-Theory Audio, and we have another new song streaming for you today. The Mongolian metallers have already shared the title track, ‘Me Against Me’ and ‘Ashley’ singles online, and thanks to Metal Hammer, you can hear ‘Cursed’ below!

Here’s what frontman Nature G said about the new track: “Society has always put up different mental and physical barriers, barring individuals just trying to achieve their dreams. You are too short, you are minority, you are a female not a man, you are from somewhere else, you don’t look good enough. All these disadvantages that we think we are born with, are like a curse to us. Cursed, we are cursed for believing these barriers, aren’t we? No we are not. We need to break this barrier of belief. We need to strike it and claim who we are supposed to be. Cursed, or rise above the curse.

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