Tengger Cavalry Debuts New Song – Ashley

Tengger Cavalry will be releasing Die On My Ride on June 2nd via M-Theory Audio, and as you heard in the title track and the ‘Me Against Me’ single, this record will be a lot different than anything they’ve ever done before. One of the biggest examples of that fact is the introduction of ballads into their sound. They’ve never really tried that before, but as you’ll hear in the new ‘Ashley’ single, they do it pretty damn well.

Here’s what frontman Nature G told Billboard about the track: “Most of Tengger Cavalry‘s songs are war or warrior related, telling stories of epic adventures that get our fans excited and ready to go raid with us! This song, however, is an experiment in personal emotion. It is a love song, and written in our signature sound, yet also blends in some pop music flavor, as a small surprise for our fans.

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