Tau Cross (Voivod, Amebix, etc) Releasing Debut Album In Spring

tau cross

International punk/metal supergroup Tau Cross will be releasing their debut record in late Spring via Relapse Records.

Comprised of a pedigree of musicians including Amebix vocalist/bassist Rob “The Baron” Miller, Voivod drummer Michel “Away” Langevin, Misery guitarist Jon Misery and War//Plague guitarist Andy Lefton, Tau Cross formed in 2013 and recorded their debut album over several months in 2014 throughout three different countries.

Rob Miller commented on the project saying,

“We decided to let the songs form themselves around the original demos and allow people to bring themselves into the mix, to allow the bark to grow around the tree. We are all very proud of what we have achieved in this short time and looking forward to working together again as soon as time allows.”

“TAU CROSS will be playing live over the coming year, we hope to Tour in the U.S and Europe, it is still early days but i feel this is going to be an intense live experience.”