Tairrie B Shares Old Manhole/Tura Satana Albums with Bonus Tracks

Rock, Metal and Hip-Hop legend Tairrie B. Murphy of My Ruin, Tura Satana, and Manhole, has shared her old band Manhole’s debut album, All Is Not Well, from 1996 and uploaded to their Bandcamp page. Added to the original album, are nine unreleased demo recordings from their early days from 1993-1995. She will release Tura Satana’s album Relief Through Release with bonus material tomorrow. Tairrie is working on both her memoir and new music, hopefully for release in 2020, dropped a stand-alone single ‘I Am A Woman’, last March.



“Hey Friends!

As promised, it’s #ManholeMonday which means you can click on the link below and download a FREE digital copy of #Manhole└A’s debut album #AllIsNotWell from 1996 to add to your music collection along with 9 demo recordings from our early years in Los Angeles circa 1993-95.

This original album (before we were forced to change our band name to #TuraSatana in 1997) is officially *out of print* and hard to find so for those of you who want to update your old school CD or cassette tape versions to include digital or have never heard it, here’s your chance!


To accompany the link, I went into my rock vault and dug out the first review of the album which was written by wordslinger extraordinaire Steve Beebee for Kerrang! and features a photo by the legendary Edward Colver 📸 I haven’t read this in years but I remember why it was my favorite at the time.

“Manhole are quite possibly the angriest band in history.”

No matter what incarnation my various projects take (from hip hop to heavy metal) when it comes to my art, I will always stay true to myself and follow my own heart. Thank you for continuing to be with me on my musical journey from past to present day. May we never grow apart. ❤️🤘🏻💋 🎧

PS • Please share with anyone you know who might enjoy these recordings! 💿💿 #TuraSatanaTuesday TOMORROW!”