Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension

The last twenty years have been quite an eventful ride for guitarist Sammy Duet. When his first (proper) band, legendary Louisiana swamp monsters Acid Bath, split up due to the untimely death of bassist Audie Pitre, he began work on a new project – Goatwhore.Continue reading

My Favorite Concert Memory… by Zack Simmons of Goatwhore

Zack Simmons of Goatwhore, by Liz Civarella-Brenner

Zack Simmons of Goatwhore, by Liz Civarella-Brenner

My first and favorite concert memory goes something like this… I somehow convinced my parents to take me to the first Ozzfest show ever in 1996 when I was 10 years old. They only did two shows that year. One in California and one in Phoenix, Arizona, where I am from. I was really just there to see Ozzy, who was on tour for his Ozzmosis album, and at ten years of age I was already a huge Ozzy and Sabbath freak. We got there while Slayer was just ending and the atmosphere was fucking out of control. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing and smelling. It was a total sensory overload. It was the first time I smelled marijuana being smoked. Along with the violent sounds of Slayer, the fires burning on the amphitheater lawn, and the rowdiness of the crowd, I instantly felt quite intrigued and excited about a world I had before only read about. Ozzy came on and I’m sure my parents knew what they had allowed to happen. My life was changed in an instant and since then I knew where I wanted it to go.






Goatwhore is on tour forever… including a headline run this summer and an appearance at GWAR-BQ this summer.

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