ALBUM REVIEW: Liminal Shroud – All Virtues Ablaze


Over the years I have slowly come around to liking more black metal projects, but none do more justice than those that focus on the atmosphere that brings you on a journey. British Columbia’s own Liminal Shroud does just this on their second full-length, All Virtues Ablaze (Willowtip Records). In just under forty minutes (across only four tracks), this album will be sure to be part of many conversations towards the end of the year.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Frank Albanese of Hath Talks “All That Was Promised” and Leveling Up

Ghost Cult caught up with Frank Albanese of Hath to discuss their new album “All That Was Promised” – out now on Willowtip Records. Frank and Keefy delved into the history of the band, how it became a full-fledged unit, the maturation process of the writing in the band, Frank’s assessment of his vocals, the producing talents of drummer, AJ Viana, working with Willowtip Records, touring, music videos, the album artwork, and much more!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Hath – All That Was Promised

When’s the last time you listened to an album, and it completely knocked you on your ass? For me it was a few hours ago while sensibly driving around in my Volvo. Not to worry, no Swedish automobiles were harmed while repeatedly listening to Hath’s All That Was Promised (Willowtip). Well, maybe I punched the passenger seat once ‘The Million Violations’ swung into full gear with volleys of blast beats and guitar trickery. What’s a little cosmetic damage?

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ALBUM REVIEW: Eximperitus – Šahrartu

The peculiarity of Technical Death Metal is the capability of exploring itself, yet creativity begins to fade when there’s a vast repertoire of bands of this kind, which have made history on the underground’s music scene. Certain musical groups stick to follow a simple and uncomplicated path, keeping a comparable sound with many other bands that continue to perform in this genre. Let us consider the huge waves of Technical Death Metal in the eighties and in the nineties and how it reinvented itself to the present day. Bands such as Suffocation and Gorguts trace Technical Death Metal’s status as a whole, releasing records and records without losing its own legendary position, carrying bloody and filthy anthems for dozens of years. Continue reading

Vale of Pnath – Accursed

In the last decade or so, the state of Colorado has gifted the world with uncommonly exceptional, heavy bands. The Denver based act, Vale of Pnath is one of these young groups that have brought a fantastically particular Death Metal sound to the scene. With two full-length albums under their belt, the band is going back to the EP format for their newest release, Accursed (Willowtip Records). It’s been three years since their last record and this genre-dodging ensemble is finally bringing more of their innovative work to light.

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Hath – Of Rot and Ruin

Hailing from the unsuspecting state of New Jersey, Hath is a young Metal act that is blossoming. The band stunned the scene in 2015 when they released their EP, Hive with its modern, Blackened Metal excellence. Now, this budding band is getting ready to release their first full-length record, Of Rot and Ruin (Willowtip Records) and is taking their vibrant heaviness to a whole new level.Continue reading

Video: Lecherous Nocturne – Creation Continuum

lecherous nocturne-2013CC

Brutal death metallers Lecherous Nocturne is streaming the official video for “Creation Continuum,” off their 2013 release Behold Almighty Doctrine, out via Unique Leader Records.

The band will enter the studio in June to record their fourth album and first for Willowtip Records.

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Ulcerate Announce Upcoming Australasia MMXV Tour

ulcerate australasia mmxv tour

Cutting edge Kiwi death metal outfit Ulcerate has announced a run of Spring and early Summer dates across Australia and New Zealand for their Australasia MMXV headlining tour .

Ulcerate Australasia MMXV:
Apr 18: Cabana – Napier, NZ
May 08: Whammy – Auckland, NZ
May 09: Dux Live – Christchurch, NZ
May 22: San Fran – Wellington, NZ
Jun 25: Beetle Bar – Brisbane, AU
Jun 26: Bald Faced Stag – Sydney, AU
Jun 27: Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne, AU

Displaying a forward-thinking death metal style citing Hate Eternal, Gorguts and Immolation which collides head-on into the dissonant and blackened influences of Deathspell Omega and Portal, Ulcerate’s destructive methodology is in a class of its own. Following their debut album on Neurotic Records, and two subsequent LPs through Willowtip, Ulcerate signed with Relapse Records for the September 2013 release of their fourth full-length, Vermis, the album delivering the band’s relentlessly destructive methodology in its most ominous and technical form to date. While Vermis is an incredibly extreme, cerebral and devastatingly creative body of work in its own right, the mere three-piece lineup performs the new songs with astonishing strength and seamless professionalism, simultaneously mesmerizing and devastating audiences with a relentless tsunami of revolutionary death metal supremacy.

Ulcerate followed the release of the Vermis LP with waves of brutal touring through Australasia, Europe and North America throughout 2013 and 2014, which continues into 2015 with Australasia MMXV. Stand by for further engagements in the months ahead.

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Sarpanitum Streaming Blessed Be My Brothers In Entirety

Sarpanitum is streaming Blessed Be My Brothers in its entirety here, out February 17, 2015 via Willowtip Records, here.

Captured at Dreaming Studios UK by drummer Leon Macey (Contrarian, Mithras, The Senseless et al) and centered on the abysmal consequence of religious warfare, the latest offering from the atmospheric blackened death metal collective is corrosive in its delivery spewing forth a delectably diseased fusion of traditional death metal, blackened riff assaults, twisted atmospheres and an alluring brand of controlled chaos that can only come from the technical prowess of its creators.


Named in part after Babylonian mother goddess, Sarpanit, meaning “the shining one,” companion of the chief god, Marduk, SARPANITUM – who feature within their rants current and former affiliates of Mithras, Lantlos and Tenebrous Aeon – has maintained a maniacal DIY ethos, crumbling stages throughout Europe supporting the likes of Insision, Visceral Bleeding, Desecration, The Monolith Death Cult and Macabre since their formation in 2003. Based on Babolyanian folklore, the band’s Galactic Records-released debut full-length, Despoilment Of Origin (2007) was an eloquently guttural performance of mythological blackened death metal that reaped the praise of underground listeners and media outlets in the proverbial “know.” The band’s Fidelium EP, independently-released four years later, reaffirmed their inexorable brutality both sonically and conceptually.

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Sarpanitum Streaming “By Virtuous Reclamation”


Sarpanitum is releasing Blessed Be My Brothers on February 17, 2015 via Willowtip Records, and is streaming “By Virtuous Reclamation” here, and “Glorification Upon The Powdered Bones Of The Sundered Dead” here.

Captured at Dreaming Studios UK by drummer Leon Macey (Contrarian, Mithras, The Senseless et al) and centered on the abysmal consequence of religious warfare, SARPANITUM’s Blessed Be My Brothers heaves with a deliciously diseased synthesis of traditional death metal, blackened riff onslaughts, perverse melodic atmospheres and an alluring brand of controlled chaos that can only come from the technical prowess of its creators.

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