Hear Members of Sanctuary, Nevermore, Chon, and Ghost Ship Octavious Cover Savatage’s “Chance”

If you are a fan of the much loved and missed Savatage, you get precious few chances to hear their music anymore outside of your car, headphones or old record collection. Sanctuary and Witherfall singer Joseph Michael has assembled a collection of peers to pay tribute to the band with a cover of ‘Chance’! Along with Michael the all-star group includes Van Williams (ex-Nevermore, Ghost Ship Octavious), Anthony Crawford (Witherfall, Chon), Joey Concepcion (Sanctuary, Jasta), Alex Nasla (Witherfall) and Will Wallner (White Wizzard). The song is available for purchase and streaming right now, so do it! Michael is currently on tour fronting Sanctuary on the “Refuge Denied” Tour, with Ghost Ship Octavious opening. We saw the show in Brooklyn, and it ruled. Continue reading

White Wizzard Gives an Update on Their New Album

Ghost Cult previously broke the news that Trad Heavy Metal White Wizzard have reunited and are working on new music. Now the band has offered some more information about their upcoming comeback album and Kickstarter campaign to launch the pre-orders to support the album. Check out the update below and get pumped for some new music soon from this vital band. Continue reading

White Wizzard Reunites, New Music and Kickstarter Coming Soon

Some bands make it big and then burn out fast. Traditional Heavy Metal White Wizzard was that band until yesterday when they reunited, less than one year after breaking up. The announcement was made in an interview with founder and bassist Jon Leon via Loudwire. last year. The band released four full-length albums that worship old school traditional metal, but never-ending lineup changes plagued the band, among other issues. Now, they’ve reunited, and have recruited former members from across different points of the band’s career. There will be a new album at some point too. Leon was quoted: “In the history of White Wizzard, it has always been an evolving entity. There has been one singer that has sang twice as many shows than any singer in the band, and to probably 10x the amount of people”. The new lineup is Leon, joined by Mikey Dean Gremio – vocals James J. LaRue – guitar, Will Wallner – guitar, and Devin Lebsack – drums.Continue reading

Audio: Octane Gypsy – Starsweeper

octane gypsy

White Wizzard bassist/vocalist Jon Leon and lead guitarist James LaRue, and drummer German Moura have launched a new band called Octane Gypsy and are streaming their first single “Starsweeper” below. Their debut album is due out in 2016.

White Wizzard – The Devil’s Cut

White Wizzard - The Devil's CutLos Angeles-based White Wizzard is a classic/heavy metal band raised by bassist John Leon as an antidote against the anger and angst of screamo metal. A lofty goal and with two full length albums under their belt there must be a certain demand for them. The Devil’s Cut is this outfit’s third effort, so let’s see what it has to offer. Continue reading