ALBUM REVIEW: Witnesses – Doom II

As hinted by the title, Doom II (Self-Released) isn’t Witnesses’ second overall album but rather their second to expand on the Doom Metal style that was established on 2019’s To Disappear And To Be Nothing. Its predecessor’s combination of glacial riffing, distraught vocals and bleak mood is well-preserved here and the overarching narrative of a ship lost at sea allows them to be conveyed even more powerfully than before. Convoluted naming conventions aside, it’s a bold leap forward by every metric.

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EXCLUSIVE: Venom Prison, Wolfheart, While Heaven Wept and More Discuss Mental Health In The “Metal Health” Trailer

Mental Illness and mental health issues are a global epidemic right now, and we are certainly feeling it in the world of rock and metal. The upcoming documentary Metal Health: Out of the Pit looks to explore these topics and get feedback from the music community about mental health issues affect them and those around them. Directed by Bruce Moore of Brutally Delicious Productions, Moore celebrated Metal Chef and filmmaker, he is also known for his movie Metal Missionaries, the Brutally Delicious web series, and the Metal Munchkins videos here at Ghost Cult. Bands as diverse as Toy Called God, Venom Prison, Wolfheart, Mindscar/Nader Sadek, While Heaven Wept, Fall And Resist, Spiral Grave, Machine on Blast and more give their take at the issues at the heart of the film in this exclusive clip. The film is coming later this spring, so stay tuned to us for more info on this important film soon. Continue reading