Weekend Nachos – Apology

Weekend-Nachos-Apology ep cover ghostcultmag

Weekend Nachos are a band who I hoped I would have more fun with, as their name seemed to promise such a thing. A hardcore punk or power violence band who have had a fairly lengthy career, and Apology (Relapse Records) is set to be their final release as a group. This album is less of a swansong, and more of an all out attack to try to grasp the spotlight one last time for this band. A final spark before their fire is put out for a while.

Honestly, this release is a mixed bag. If you listen to it from start to finish, you aren’t gonna have a great time. It’s a poorly balanced album, starting with an absolute drag of a song. While ‘2015’ displays that this band has some elements of sludge metal in their sound with distorted guitars and attempts to build atmosphere, the almost 6 minute length makes it an absolute chore to listen to. But the song immediately after it; ‘Dust’, is one that shows how good this band can be, a 2 minute burst of pure aggression, that seems like it ends too fast, and then as short song after song comes your way, it all just kind of melds together into a very forgettable experience with no songs that stick out as memorable enough to make the listener want to come back for a second listen.

It’s at this point I need to praise the vocal delivery on this album as it has a nice level of variance and is the best part of this album. While the vocals are never exactly clean, they are fairly understand at times, and full of energy. They are arguably the one redeeming factor of this release because everything else is either a mess or just plain dull. The song writing just feels like a group of people being angry for the sake of being angry, or like they just needed to pad out the albums runtime. No song on the album is more guilty of padding then the final track ‘Apology,’ clocking in at over 9 minutes it was one of the biggest wastes of time I heard in music in a very long time.

Overall, Weekend Nachos is not a band I’ll miss now that they are finished. I suppose if you are a fan of hardcore punk you might find a couple tracks off this album that’ll appeal to you.



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