The New Trailer for The Batman Features More of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way”

The new Batman movie The Batman shared another trailer for its highly anticpated March 2022 release via Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures. As with the previous trailer, Nirvana’s deep cut “Something In The Way” is prominently featured throughout the trailer. Based on the Batman Year One story by Frank Miller, the trailer features a rogues gallery of villans. The song was the final track on Nirvana’s breakout 1991 album Nevermind (Geffen Records) which just turned 30 years-old one month on September 24th. The trailer was shown during the highly anticipated panel for Matt Reeves’ (War For The Planet of The Apes), with a script by Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire) and stars Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight, Jeffrey Wright Commissioner Gordon, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone; Andy Serkis as Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson. Continue reading

Watch Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses Unbox the New Prince “1999” Boxed Set

Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan has been commissioned to write the liner notes for the new reissue of Prince’s 1982 all-time great album 1999. due this Friday for Record Store Day Black Friday by Warner Bros. The set comes in three versions: super deluxe (5 CDs or 10 LPs and DVD); deluxe (2 CDs or 4 LPs) and remastered album (1 CD or 2 LPs). The 5xCD/10xLP “super deluxe edition” will feature 35 previously unreleased tracks from Prince’s vault, as well as a DVD containing footage from his 1999 tour stop at the Houston Summit on December 29, 1982. Also included will be photos by Allen Beaulieu, who worked with Prince in the early ’80s, and additional liner notes by longtime Rolling Stone critic David Fricke, the Current radio host Andrea Swensson, and Prince scholar Duane Tudahl. Watch a video of McKagan unboxing the “super deluxe edition” of “1999” right now!Continue reading

Mr. Bungle Released Their Final Album, “California”, 20 Years Ago

On this day twenty years ago the final studio album from the wild and weirdly cool, insanely talented Mr. Bungle, California (Warner Bros), was released. At the time it seemed like the band best known as the side project of Mike Patton had long legs as if they would go on to make many more albums afterward. Sadly, it was not meant to be. Still, California holds up today as a strong album and a forebearer of further musical projects all of the members would undertake in the future. Continue reading

Moros – Weapon

An effects-heavy floor tom pounds and reverberates sinisterly sounding like an unholy sub drop as a layer of distortion grows from the aether. Various squalls of feedback and twisted auditory hallucinations wrap their way around the percussion making ‘(vortexwound)’ a fittingly unsettling opening to Weapon (Hidden Deity). This segues into the first track proper, ‘We Don’t Deserve Death’, a creeping, sanguine number that evolves into a Rock paced rager. The instrumentation is crisp and bass heavy, perfect for the Sludge/Doom hybrid Moros are seeking to evoke.Continue reading

Van Halen Releases “Van Halen II” Forty Years Ago

Forty years ago today Van Halen dropped their second album less than a year after their debut Van Halen set the music world on fire. In just a year, the band had become a household name, and headliner nationally, and Eddie Van Halen, in particular, had graced the cover of many magazines for his sweet shred skills. Wanting to strike while the iron was hot, the band came right back with Van Halen II (Warner Bros.), made up of their infamous pre-record deal demos made with Gene Simmons and Ted Templeman, and a few new songs. Van Halen II had the unenviable task of following one of the greatest debut albums ever.Continue reading

What You Need Shares Cover of Black Sabbath Classic “Children Of The Grave”

New York Groove Metal band What You Need has been busy this fall in their hometown of New York City playing gigs. They recently released a live performance track of them performing Black Sabbath’s classic ‘Children of the Grave’ from 1971’s Master Of Reality (Vertigo/Warner Bros) album. Recorded at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn NY, you can hear What You Need’s take on this track.Continue reading

Iron Maiden Concert Album – The Book Of Souls Live Chapter Due This Month

Iron Maiden having wrapped up the massively successful Book Of Souls World Tour will now release a live concert album from all over the world. The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter on November 17 worldwide, via Warner Brothers and through BMG in the US. The tour covered thirty-nine countries across six continents during 2016 and 2017, and was seen by over two million fans, ended on July 22nd in Brooklyn NY. The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter will be released physically in CD, deluxe CD and vinyl audio formats, with the concert film available to stream at all digital servicing platforms.Continue reading

Deftones’ Around The Fur Turns 20 Years Old

Get in your way-back machine and set the dials for 1997. People back then had big 1990s optimism and even bigger pants (JNCOs). James Cameron’s Titanic was dominating the box office, and sadly two iconic women, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana died. Scotland cloned a sheep named Dolly, and the first of the Harry Potter novels was published. And a band from Sacramento, CA put out their second album. Of course, we mean Deftones and Around The Fur (Maverick). Not just any sophomore effort, the album would be a stylistic left turn for the band that was on the forefront of Nu Metal just a few years earlier. A classification the band would come to shun and remove themselves from over future releases.Continue reading

Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?


According to the business website Quartz, the guitar industry is suffering because rock music is falling out of favour, especially in the mainstream. Lucky then for bands like Royal Blood. The Brighton (UK) rock duo’s 2014 self-titled début album was very well received, and with their second effort, How Did We Get So Dark? (both Warner Bros), they’ve crafted another neat piece of simple but effective radio-friendly rock.Continue reading

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Welcome The Los Angeles Rams Home With Pregame Concert




Rock N Roll Hall of Fame band The Red Hot Chili Peppers have always been synonymous with their home in Los Angeles. Now they are helping welcome the NFL‘s Los Angeles Rams franchise back to the area with their first home game this Sunday, September 18th as they return to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum against the Seattle Seahawks.Continue reading