Bruce Corbitt, Thrash Metal Vocal Legend of Rigor Mortis and Warbeast, Dead At Age 56

Sad news has come down at this hour as metal legend Bruce Corbitt has passed away. He was just 56 years old. He had been in hospice care of late, following his battle with esophageal cancer. He was 56 years old. Bruce was one of the best, most distinctive metal singers, lyricists, and frontmen ever, with both Rigor Mortis and later with Warbeast. Corbitt was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in May 2017. He went through extreme radiation and chemotherapy treatment before they could attempt surgery. Just when everyone thought Bruce would surely be out of the woods, his first doctor’s visit in 2018 brought him the horrible news that the cancer was still there and that it was at Stage 4. He was given two months to two years to live. Due to issues with insurance companies, Bruce was unable to get permission for a second opinion at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston, the leading cancer treatment and research hospital in America. Bruce was forced to use a second opinion in Dallas. Alternative therapies and treatments were considered, but unfortunately unavailable to treat him in time. Bruce, who previously survived a stabbing and a heart attack, told Billboard last August that he had “a 2.8 percent chance of living five years. So what am I going to do, sit around and cry about it or be that 2.8 percent?” His medical bills from 2017 alone totaled over $1 million in charges. We send our condolences to Bruce’s wife Jeanna, his family, friends, and fans, at this time. Continue reading