Maryland Deathfest 2017 Part II, Baltimore, Maryland

Hitting the halfway point of Maryland Deathfest is usually a milestone that no one really notices and those who do will actually not speak of it. No one wants to think the weekend is going to end nor that the end is already halfway here. Instead, hangovers are nursed, more questionable food is consumed, and everyone marches back to Rams Head Live and Baltimore Soundstage for another day of partying. Fortunately for myself and my party of friends, we know how to party but dodge the hangovers. So, we made sure to be on time for Soundstage opening up with the first band playing slightly before four in the afternoon. That included polishing off a bottle of vodka left behind by the previous renters of the Air BnB. Thank you to those unnamed heroes!  Continue reading

War Master Land New Drummer

war master

Houston death metallers War Master have enlisted Dobber Beverly as its new drummer, replacing Jon West. The band is hard at work on two new songs for the tentatively title Primitive Evil demo cassette, co-engineering it with Beverly at Craig Douglas’ origin Sound. The group plans to release the demo in late winter.

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