CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Quicksand Released “Manic Compression” 25 Years Ago

Post-Hardcore is a sub-genre that gets tossed around today as commonplace, but in the early 1990s, it was a new little brother that the older sibling was not ready to cede attention to. As Hardcore Punk mutated into other offshoots, post-Hardcore started to gain ground. In New York City alone, the epicenter for many new waves of hardcore music, a lot of bands crossed over (see what we did there) and bands started to absorb elements of both with Prong, White Zombie, and Biohazard were all leaning more on metal vibes, Quicksand formed by members of ex-hardcore legend status bands we’re pushing towards a new sound. Heavy, but not in a tough guy way, vulnerable, but smart. By the time the members of essential musical outfits Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Beyond, Bold, Burn, and Collapse formed an anti-supergroup, released demos and the amazing Slip (Polydor) album, and toured tirelessly, fans in the scene could feel they were building to something huge. They walked in both worlds of Punk and Metal but were also world-building themselves at the same time. Continue reading

Quicksand – Glassjaw – Primitive Weapons: Live At Brooklyn Steel

If you grew up in the 198os and you liked heavy music, New York Hardcore has a profound effect on you. If you were born too late, say the little bros and sisters of hardcore kids, you too might have been influenced by this massive scene. Some of you formed bands yourself, that matched the style and fire of the earlier wave but did their own thing, like Madball. Others included their own influences, emo, thrash, rock, reggae and other subgenres to shape and mold what musical sound was coming next. What came next was post-hardcore. Not exclusive to NYC or even the east coast, it soon became a worldwide phenomenon, and like it’s older brother, it also came in waves. All these years later, two of the most impressive and talented bands ever Quicksand (first wave, helped create the genre) and Glassjaw (second wave, equally defining and crucial) not only have recent new albums out, they are both vital today as they were back then. Continue reading

Dead Heavens – Whatever Witch You Are

It’s always interesting to see when musicians jump from project to project and do a complete musical 180 in the process. But from hardcore punk to psych blues is novel one.Continue reading

GUEST POST: Simon Glacken Of I Like Press Top Ten Of 2016

Ghost Cult once again brings you another “End Of Year” list, full of memories, and other shenanigans from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the world. Today we have Simon Glacken of I Like Press, one of the top publicists in the UK. If you happen to not know his name, you certainly know the bands he reps due to his tireless work such as Anathema, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Darkthrone, 65daysofstatic, Bloodbath, Black Moth, The Pineapple Thief, My Dying Bride, TesseracT, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, SikTh, Mos Generator, Crippled Black Phoenix, and Cradle Of Filth to name just a few. We thank Simon for his thoughtful and detailed list of his Top Ten Albums of 2016.Continue reading

Vanishing Life Debuts New Single, Debut Album Out Tomorrow


Punk rock supergroup Vanishing Life which counts members of Rise Against!, Quicksand, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Gorilla Biscuits and Bad Religion, have their début album Surveillance dropping tomorrow from Dine Alone Records. Check out new single ‘Thinking Weightless’ below:Continue reading

Spaceship Playlist: Kemble Walters Of Ages


Kemble Walters of Aeges, by Melina D Photography

Ghost Cult Magazine asked a bunch of artists “if you were getting into a space ship tomorrow and never coming back to Earth, and you only had one record to listen to or a handful of records to listen to forever, what records would you take with you?”

Continue reading

Hardcore Legends to Attend Symposium at NYU to Release NYHC Book


New York University will be host to New York Hardcore Legends on Tuesday, February 24th to celebrate the release of NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 (Bazillion Points). Author Tony Rettman (Why Be Something That You’re Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979–1985) will be on hand, along with NYHC legends Richie Birkenhead (Underdog, Into Another, Youth of Today) and Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Youth of Today) for a discussion. Kelefa Sanneh (New Yorker, New York Times) will be the moderator. The event is FREE to the public and the book will be available for purchase.



NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 will tell the definitive story of the scene, through the eyes of people who lived it. Forward by Freddy Cricien of Madball.

Press Notes:

Colloquium for Unpopular Culture at NYU & Bazillion Points Present:

NYHC: Dancing in the Frontlines
Tuesday, February 24
6:30 PM
Fourth Floor, 20 Cooper Square (East 5th and Bowery)

NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 author Tony Rettman puts heads together with NYHC veterans Richie Birkenhead (Underdog, Into Another, Youth of Today) and Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Youth of Today) for a discussion of the unique time, place, sound, and mindset of New York hardcore. Kelefa Sanneh (New Yorker, New York Times) will moderate the discussion.

Tony Rettman is the author of NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990 (Bazillion Points, 2014) and Why Be Something That You’re Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979–1985 (Revelation, 2010)

Richie Birkenhead has been the vocalist of Into Another and Underdog, and a guitarist in Youth of Today.

Walter Schreifels was a key member of Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Warzone, and Youth of Today.

Moderator: Kelefa Sanneh is a staff writer at the New Yorker. From 2000 to 2008 he was a writer at the New York Times

Bazillion Points Publishing


Super Group Vanishing Life To Release EP, Play CMJ Fest In New York



As reported by several music outlets, Vanishing Life, a new group made up of members of Quicksand, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead and Rise Against have an EP coming out on Collect Records this month. Their debut 7″, ‘People Running’ b/w ‘Vanishing Life’. Spearheading the super group is legendary hardcore/post-rock veteran Walter Schreifels (The Dead Heavens/Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand/Rival Schools) who has written some songs, but is maily doing vocals for the first time in his career. Joining him are Trail of Dead members, Jamie Miller and Autry Fulbright, and Rise Against‘s Zach Blair. Collect Records is owned by Thursday/United Nations’ Geoff Rickly runs with Texas is the Reason’s Norman Brannon. The band will make an appearance at the upcoming annual CMJ Music Marathon Festival in New York, which will serve as their live debut. They are also doing two in-stores on October 18 in New York with two in-stores that day: one at 2 PM at Generation Records in NYC and another at 6 PM at Looney Tunes Records in West Babylon. They’ll be playing a brief set and doing a signing at each.


You can listen to the first track below:

Pre-order the EP

Vanishing Life on Twitter