Torche – Admission

The term Stoner / Sludge is an insult to US quartet Torche and, what’s more, has never even come close to defining them or their blend of crushing backgrounds and soft harmonies. Fifth album Admission (Relapse Records) sees Jonathon Nũnez assume guitarist duties from the departed Andrew Elstner, with Wrong frontman and former Kylesa bassist Eric Hernandez taking over the bass role. Continue reading

Valient Thorr – Our Own Masters

Our Own MastersIt would be easy to dismiss Valient Thorr as a kitsch band. They profess to be from Venus, 4/5 of the members have the last name of ‘Thorr’. They have cultivated the wild look, have a propensity for cheesy outfits, goofily mugging for the cameras and their followers are called ‘Thorriors’. It would also be easy to tag Valiant Thorr as another stoner rock band. However, neither assessment would be fair. Their latest release, ‘Our Own Masters’, shows that there is a good deal of quality under all that hair and double-denim, and while they do get their stoner grind on they also have an aggressive, punky edge that puts them somewhere between Kyuss, Fireball Ministry and Maylene And The Sons of Disaster, with a dash old school punk and a pinch of 70s cock rock. It’s an interesting blend that keeps listeners both engaged and on their toes. Continue reading