Aphyxion – Void

Like many Metalheads, you may have been introduced to Heavy music by listening to movie soundtracks, video games, or watching the WWE. In my opinion, those are very interesting ways to be introduced to music. It is also the way many underground bands find commercial success. Those mediums were my gateway to Heavy Metal. However, it was not how I was introduced to Aphyxion. Hailing all the way from Denmark,Aphyxion entered the industry with quite an impressive start. From being the youngest band to ever perform at the Wacken Open Air Festival to being called “the new saviours of Melodic Death Metal” by Dom Lawson of Metal Hammer Magazine, and even opening up for Metallica on the two years ago at their Copenhagen show, Aphyxion Metallers has managed to become well-decorated in their career thus far and with their new album,Void (Prime Collective), they have the potential to achieve commercial success.Continue reading

Antre – Void

Whilst the UK hasn’t always been recognised as a hotbed for Black Metal bar the occasional, exceptional case; recent times suggest the burgeoning of a rich scene in the underground; from the likes of A Forest Of Stars getting wide plaudits to the new breed which includes Wode, Underdark and Dawn Ray’d flying the flag. Also throwing their hat into the ring, Nottingham up-and-comers Antre offer a somewhat esoteric and widely influenced strain of the genre with a full-length debut that not only personifies the depth the genre has to offer but also puts them as a prime force in the UK’s scene. Continue reading

Control Human Delete – The Prime Mover

Control Human Delete - The Prime MoverDespite being active as a band for over a decade, this is only the second release from Dutch electronic black metallers Control Human Delete. ThePrime Mover is a collection of razor sharp production, traditional black metal themes, drum programming, samples and synthesizers. Continue reading