Bloodywood Shares Official Music Video For “Endurant”

Indian Folk Metal Bloodywood, worldwide sensations due to viral videos of their original music like their metal version of traditional Indian folk song ‘Ari Ar’ and inventive covers on YouTube. They have now released a new song, Endurant’. A defiant, brutal track decrying bullying, ‘Endurant’ has Bloodywood’s signature mix of Indian music Thrash Metal, 1990s groove metal, and hooks of Melodic Hardcore. Purchase and stream the song after you check out the video! Continue reading

Watch Norwegian Black Metal Soothe A Crying Baby

When Torstein Mittet’s baby could not stop crying, the family man and black metal fan had only recourse, play a lullaby. In this case, however, Torstein chose ‘K.I.N.G.’ by Satyricon, and the results were amazing. Watch this video! Continue reading