Dumb and Dumbest #240: Promoting Music Well After Release

In a perfect world, you want to promote your album release, before it comes out to get as much exposure as possible. However, sometimes it’s just not possible. Dumb and Dumbest #240 is streaming live now and it’s all about Promoting Music Well After Release with guest co-host Keefy from Ghost Cult Mag. Hosted by Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions) and Publicist Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR), in addition to the podcast, Matt and Curtis host The Music Marketing Challenge, a low-cost, super high-value private training to bands and artists. Get hands-on practical experience to market your band like a pro today! Message them at the links below. Continue reading

Human Bodies / Leather Chalice- Seven-Inch Split (Vinyl)

Human Bodies and Leather Chalice Split single cover 2015

Broken Limbs Recordings brings us this raucous Black Metal and Punk hybrid split seven-inch, with Boston’s Human Bodies and New Hampshire’sLeather Chalice.

Featuring two tracks from each band, this hallowed-out and thrashy LP takes you on a raucous ride through grimy streets, riddled with the echoes of Venom, Discharge, and drugs, and harkens back to the days when punk was still pretty dangerous.

Tracks one and two are donated by Human Bodies and are appropriately quick and dirty. Track one, entitled ‘Only the Sigh,’ and track two, entitled ‘Malice Prepense,’ are vitriol-fueled black metal and Hardcore hybrids curated by a little D-beat for immeasurably catchy shit.

New Hampshire’s one-man punk project known as Leather Chalice chimes in on tracks three and four with impossibly unpolished Blackened Crust. The project, which features Jann from Ramlord, takes to the extremes of the genre-meld, garnering hues of grime and gray, and garbage can tin-sounding percussion, and in sum, is the sound of impassioned, unimpressed, abandoned youth.

This mash up is due out September 22 on 7-inch vinyl and is released in cooperation with Prison Tatt Records.

Information on oerdering this split seven-inch vinyl can be found over at the Broken Limbs Records Website at www.BrokenLimbsRecordings.com.