The Door To Domestic Bliss – An Interview With Purson

Purson 1 Generally speaking, I’m not too fond of retro rock and metal, but The Circle And The Blue Door by Purson really blew my mind. They are best described as a refreshing blend of progressive rock and pop music with a distinct retro feel. Frontwoman and main composer Rosalie Cunningham was more than happy to share her thoughts on anything Purson, the sudden rise of vintage/occult rock and her fondness for theatrics.Continue reading

From The Mouths Of Madness – An Interview With Orchid

Orchid 1 Vintage rock and metal is quite the rage nowadays. One of the leading bands in the genre is San Francisco-based Orchid. Bassist Keith Nickel was keen to tell us more about his upcoming new album, his views on the rising popularity of vinyl and his personal secrets on how to survive the rigours of touring.Continue reading