Pantera Crosses The One Billion Streaming Mark

Pantera has shared a post to social media thanking fans for the band reaching 1 Billion streams across platforms such as (in alphabetical order) Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Google, and Spotify. The band joins notable recent bands such as Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Nirvana with over one billion streams. Pantera was founded in 1981 and released nine studio albums total and a live album (not counting compilations and boxed sets), coming to prominence with their fifth and major-label debut, Cowboys From Hell. The band was disbanded by the late brothers, Darrell Lance “Dimebag” Abbott and Vinnie Paul Abbott in 2003. Getcha pull and celebrate! Continue reading

Slayer – Primus – Ministry – Phil Anselmo and The Illegals: Live at Madison Square Garden

The lights came up… and it was all over.

This has been the scenario for thousands of shows I have seen. Maybe 6,000 plus shows that I have attended or performed in since I was a small child. The final bow, thunderous applause, and the blinding lights of the house coming on, our shared experience ending as we gather ourselves to go to the bar, or home. Except this was different. This was the last time I would ever see Slayer. It was definitely hitting me, long before the final notes of ‘Angel of Death’ rang out and the final jets of pyro screamed across the top of the band in a way that would excite Beavis and Butthead to no end. Continue reading

HELLYEAH Shares New Video For “Skyy and Water” in Tribute to Vinnie Paul

HELLYEAH has shared the official music video for the song “Skyy And Water”, a moving tribute to late drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. The Wombat Fire-directed clip features backstage and performance footage of Abbott, who passed away more than a year ago. “Skyy And Water” is taken from HELLYEAH’s sixth studio album, Welcome Home, out now via Eleven Seven Music. You can read the Ghost Cult review here. Vinnie Paul died in June 2018 at the age of 54 in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas. The official cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart, as well as severe coronary artery disease. Continue reading


I believe that it is human nature to want to find a lasting way to immortalize a loved one that has passed away. History has proven that the custom of creating a tangible or abstract method paying homage to the deceased has been a mainstay in almost every culture bringing comfort and solace for centuries. Humans that possess the soul of an artist seem to process loss and grief on a completely different level, most of the time creating something ethereal from their pain. Case in point, the sixth studio album from Heavy Metal badasses HELLYEAH, Welcome Home (Eleven Seven Music) is a fitting and spine-tingling tribute to their dearly departed drummer, Vinnie Paul Abbott. The album as a whole possesses some very tasty stand out tracks. Continue reading

Vinnie Paul, Legendary Metal Drummer, and Producer, Died One Year Ago

It’s hard to believe it but it has been a year since Vinne Paul Abbott died in his sleep in his Las Vegas home. He was only 54 years old. The drumming legend most famous for his time as a founder of Pantera, Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel, and Hellyeah was taken from us too young due to “dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease.” We have mourned his loss hard as Vinnie was a beloved as a figure in recent metal history for his outgoing personality, his giving spirit, and his incredible talent. You can read a comprehensive memorial piece we published about Vinnie at the time of his passing and watch these highlights from his career below. Continue reading

Headstone Set at Final Resting Place for Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera

As we approach the June 22nd one-year anniversary next month of the passing of metal drumming giant Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera and HELLYEAH fame, his headstone was placed at his grave at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, TX, on Friday, May 17th. In a message from Pantera’s website and official social media, they ask that fans treat the gravesites with respect when visiting. Buried next to his brother Darrell “Dimebag” Darrell, the placard on his stone reads: Continue reading

Pantera Sets the Record Straight About Status of Vinnie Paul Gravestone

Yesterday Ghost Cult, along with the vast majority of music and metal websites ran with a story after a series of seemingly legit posts on Instagram and Twitter indicated that the gravestone of Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera and HELLYEAH had been placed on his plot last week. After many hours, Pantera’s official account on Facebook (see post below) corrected everyone, reporting that the grave marker was finished, photographed and released to the public, but 100% not laid down at the cemetery. Further causing confusion, many Vinnie fans flocked to the cemetery and took to social media to post pictures of Vinnie’s plot, right next to his brother Dimebag Darrell, with no marker on it. Shout out to the Pantera and Vinnie Paul fan community for correcting this and bringing it to the attention of admins. Even though we have rarely printed a retraction in our nearly seven years in operation, Ghost Cult loves and honors the memory and life of Vinnie and feel it is our responsibility to apologize for this lazy reporting by our site and others. We sincerely hope we have not caused any additional undue pain and suffering to fans or his family. Continue reading