ALBUM REVIEW: Trespass – Wolf At The Door


When an album opens with nothing but high hat and then adds the guitars, you know you have a banger. Trespass’ Wolf At The Door (From the Vaults) is quintessential NWOBHM. Even in this digital age, Wolf At The Door still has the tonality of analog seventies metal albums. There is a grounding, brownness to the sound. The pacing and mixing give it a throwback, classic feel. The songs come complete with velvety guitar solos over hard-driving drums. ‘Wolf At The Door’ would sound awesome on vinyl as it has the tones and feeling that support analog listening.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Nighthawk – Prowler


Nighthawk’s Prowler (Mighty Music) is a fun romp through some good old-fashioned rock and roll. Prowler has the feel of a classic album while being firmly new. Bjorn “Speed” Strid’s (Soilwork, At The Movies) vocals are immaculate, the guitars are blistering, and the riffs are “classic”. ‘Running Wild’ is the second track on the album and it takes me back to the gritty eighties. It evokes black Trans Ams being driven by fluffy-haired gents with sweet ‘taches. ‘Running Wild’ has a distinct sound that blends elements of hard rock and blues rock. The song has a great keyboard riff and melodic, storytelling lyrics.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Verdena – Volegio Magia


Spring time on planet Earth. Flowers are blooming. The weather is heating up. New music is dropping. But what, dear readers, should you be blasting from your 8-tracks this season? Oh, you don’t have an 8-track? Well, never fear, Verdena shall provide you with an 8-track worthy tome in Volegio Magia (Capital Records Italy / Universal Music).

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It’s been a tic since I’ve heard a doomy sludgy style album that I enjoyed. After a while it becomes rote. It all sounds the same. Thankfully, Rot (Church Road Records) by the oh-so-brilliant Ohmms brings back that delicious, doomy, sludgy, bombastic sound. Can a doom album make one happy? Oh yes, Ohmms’ Rot can.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Babymetal – The Other One


Babymetal is back as only Babymetal can be. Their new offering is The Other One (Cooking Vinyl). Here are constants you can be sure of when you buy a Babymetal album: amazing technically proficient guitar playing, headbanging goodness, a wild landscape of movement and feeling, and The Other One delivers this with aplomb.


The Other One is a concept album about being in a place called the Metalverse. Each of the ten songs have a specific theme concerning being in the parallel worlds that are discovered within this Metalverse. However, one must understand Japanese to understand the lyrics and the deeper meanings behind the songs. This facet does not distract from the amazeballz that is Babymetal.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Redemption – I Am the Storm


To say that Redemption’s I Am The Storm (AFM Records) is chock full of technically proficient playing and complex yet inviting compositions would be an understatement. There is no question that Nick van Dyk is a master of his craft. I Am The Storm just cements that fact.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Witch Ripper – The Flight After the Fall


Thunderous. Anticipatory. Windswept. A Bugatti Veyron driving at top speed through the Uyuni Salt Flats. Batman. Witch Ripper’s The Flight After the Fall (Magnetic Eye Records) is all of this and more.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Avatar – Dance Devil Dance


The opening strains to Avatar’s Dance Devil Dance (Thirty Tigers/Black Waltz Records) harken to southern rock. It hugs you like an old pair of Levi’s. However, once the main riff starts, it’s a heady mixture of Rob Zombie, hard-driving German metal, and nu-metal. If that is not enough to pique your interest, before the first track is over, the vocalist Johannes Eckerström, reaches down deep and lets loose a Paul Stanley vocalization. This is the beauty of Avatar’s Dance Devil Dance. Within the same song, they combine a multitude of genres together.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Russkaja – Turbo Polka Party


Turn up for what? Turn up for a Turbo Polka Party! That’s right, it’s time to get this party started with the newest dance-worthy, head-bopping, ska-laden, metal riffage of Russkaja and Turbo Polka Party (Napalm Records). Russkaja is famous for blending ska, punk, and reggae to create a unique and fun sound. This new offering is a straight-up craic!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Twilight Force – At the Heart of Wintervale


Twilight Force’s newest album At the Heart of Wintervale (Nuclear Blast) is an epic romp through magical mystical lands. Everything about the album screams innocence and adventure. It is clear that these gentlemen, and by extension their fans, love what they do. At the Heart of Wintervale is an immersive listening experience. It’s full of sweeping vistas and swirling colours. You feel the album and see it in your mind, just as easily as listening to the music and lyrics. The album adds two tracks at the end that are orchestral versions of ‘Skyknights of Aldaria’ and ‘The Last Crystal Bearer’, totes worth it! They are amazing and worthy of being on an adventure movie soundtrack. Continue reading