Venues – Aspire

The heavy scene in Germany is real and a lot of amazing bands hail from the western European country. Venues, from Stuttgart, want to become a household name with their debut, Aspire (Aspiring Empires.)

With four years under their belt, Venues know what they are doing with this debut. At first listen, the vocals are soft, serene and then from out of nowhere they sucker punch your eardrums at full force. The different tones in the guitar work and how it parallels the drumming in first track ‘We Are One’ introduces you to the catchy heavy pop-rock vibes found throughout the album. Continue reading

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After touring in support of bands like Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb Of God, and Anthrax in 2017, Power Trip has announced a major headlining tour of their own in 2018. Continue reading

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