Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) Shares New Single, Debut Album Coming Soon

Acclaimed vocalist Linda-Fay Hella, best known from her work with Wardruna, has announced her debut album. Seafarer is coming soon via Ván Records. She has also released the title track and music videos. The album also features contributions from Kristian Gaahl Espedal. Pre-orders are also live. Hella will perform at The Black Heart in London on September 26. Continue reading


Árstíðir Lífsins – Saga Á Tveim Tungum I: Vápn Ok Viðr

What is Viking Metal and what does it consist of? Is it having twenty-eight inches of hair, dressing up in armor and/or a kilt while wielding a sword? Is it dressing in all black while wearing Thor’s hammer pendants around the neck? Or perhaps it consists of including symbolic imagery such as runes and ships in the package art? More importantly, what is the formula to creating good Viking Metal? I ask these burning questions because ever since the Metal world included Norse mythology into its art, a majority of the bands at the forefront playing it are way too gimmicky. There are too many bands gravitating towards Norse mythology and its culture while writing about it because it is the trend rather than having love, appreciation, or genuine interest for it. In my opinion, good Viking Metal is a rarity.

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Heavy Temple At OBrien’s Pub

Heavy Temple 3 -08-2017

At O’Briens, Boston MA

All Photos By Hillarie Jason Continue reading

Gold – Optimist

At a time in the world when women are assailed at every turn, their rights threatened by laws, and are denigrated worse than ever by those in the spotlight, it is refreshing to see and hear the plethora of incredible women artists right now demanding to be heard. Either has been an amazing influx of talent to the music scene of late, or underground artists finally coming to the forefront of public consciousness. Although the full arc of Gold and their third album Optimist (Van Records) doesn’t solely rely on vocalist Milena Eva, she certainly dominates the proceedings. Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: GOLD Releases Teenage Lust Video

Ghost Cult is proud to partner with GOLD to bring you their new music video today, ‘Teenage Lust’. The track comes from their forthcoming third album Optimist, due out on Ván Records on Feb 24. You can watch the video below.  Continue reading

Heavy Temple – Chassit EP


In a time when stoner bands, are ten a penny and often little more than glorified Black Sabbath or Sleep tributes, Heavy Temple offer a masterclass in how to show love for your heroes but keep the music fresh and interesting. Continue reading