EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Akiavel – “Pentagram Tattoo”

Modern Melodic Death Metal band Akiavel has shared a new single, “Pentagram Tattoo,” from their upcoming new album. Vae Victis, which is Latin for “woe to the vanquished”, or “woe to the conquered” is due for release on April 23rd, 2021. Vae Victis follows their 2020 full-length V! The song is a total banger and follows their recent single and video “Frozen Beauties.” Check it out now and pre-order the album at the link below.

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IKILLYA – Vae Victis


Considered by many to be “New York’s answer to Lamb of God,” IKILLYA is back and better than ever with their sophomore full length entitled Vae Victis (Megaforce). As good as Recon (the debut full-length release of IKILLYA) was, Vae Victis has been able to improve the foundation already laid by its predecessor, but also experiment into new grounds. This album clocks in at just about 36 and a half minutes with 9 tracks that will leave you begging for more! Vae Victis has a characteristic that is so far and few between with metal and hardcore albums nowadays, and that is the ability to listen to it, front to back, and be pleased by every song. In fact, every since I got my dirty hands all over this album, I have not gone more than a day or two without a solid listen to the whole album!

It’s hard to really breakdown which songs were my favorite especially where every song brings its own feel, groove, and energy to the listener while staying fresh throughout all 9 tracks. Fortunately, I enjoy a challenge, so l would like to start off with the first track, the title track, ‘Vae Victis’. Wasting no time destroying your hearing as a quick drum fill opens up the album, and vocalist Jason Lekberg, immediately follows. This track was one of the more groovy tracks that you can’t help but keep head banging to. Just for those who did not study Latin back in school, how I envy you, Vae Victis is translated literally to “woe to the conquered.” As good as all the tracks are on this album, the guys in IKILLYA did a great job ensuring that the most in your face song was going to jumpstart the album. Another great tune I will admittedly enjoy yelling the lyrics to out the window on a nice day is the fourth track, ‘Jekyll Better Hyde’. Not only is this song title brilliantly worded, but the chorus tends to get stuck in my head throughout the long day. Jason’s vocals continue to grow on this album and this track proves it without a doubt. The outro of the song features a pretty sweet breakdown (don’t worry, IKILLYA did not become a deathcore band 4 songs in) with hair raising gang vocals, one of my favorite aspects adopted from the hardcore genre. One last song that really stands out for me is ‘Mission to Mars’, the seventh track. This track features a handful of bass breaks that will make just about any subwoofer go to its knees. I also was treated to more gang vocals during the chorus. The guitars also continue their very catchy riffs into ‘Mission to Mars’, but even a killer solo finds a nice spot towards the end of the song before the final reprise of the chorus.

As I mentioned prior, this album is great listen from the first snare hit to the final second of the last track, ‘Last Breath’ (which may I say, dips a bit into the good aspects of metalcore during the chorus). IKILLYA has yet again, impressed me with the few tracks they do release, yet keep me itching for more for the second album in a row. As for the Lamb of God reference, quite honestly, I really cannot find any other words to better explain it. This is only the beginning for these New Yorkers and I am happy to see them continue climbing the ladder to bigger and better things. However, I still have not witnessed these guys live yet, and this needs to change!



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